Thursday, February 08, 2007

Upgrading to SAP ECC 6.0 with error in RSUVSAVE phase.

YOu may see error check log failure "PSUVSAVE\.SID".
The message inidicates the filename is not right (the "\" before the ".") make you think the upgrade assistant (SAPup actually) is looking for a file with "\" in its name.

That's misleading. It is just a Unix escape character that was not removed in the error message.

This actually because the DIR_PUT was not set right (check your DEFAULT.PFL) the upgrade always check for the log files in /usr/sap/put/log dir, but most of the case the default DIR_PUT is the transport dir.

Also, you NEED to bounce your SAP instance for this change. While the UA will go on right after you change the DEFAULT.PFL without recycle the instance, it will give you error like this one later.

So, check your profile as early as you can, and bounce your instance if you need to.

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