Monday, February 01, 2010

What's really wrong about iPad from Apple?

It's not a big surprise that iPad disappoints.  While thousands of super smart people all trying to guess what handful of super smart people can bring up to the table -- the guess will always be better than the real -- the guessers simply outnumbers the producers.

OK, I'm no designer, Although I own iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, and 4 Macs, I don't think I'll by an iPad. 
Why? Not because the screen resolution (which I don't like) or the size.

But because iPad was designed totally wrong.  It was designed for Apple shareholders, not Apple customers. 

iPad was designed to avoid cannibalize notebook market.  It was trimmed down not because technical ability, but was because it needs to leave market for MacBooks.  Wrong thinking!!!

The iPad could be revolutionary due to it's interface.  It could be the real game changer for the PC industry.  It should not find itself in a limited squeezed niche.  It should be designed to do everything a notebook can do, but more (the multi-touch interface and new multi-touch apps). 

Why be afraid of cannibalizing notebook market?  Who's there to lose?  It's PC notebooks, they still command over 90% of the market share.  Why does one think Apple can only sell this 3rd category to existing Apple customers?   If this is a full function computer, but with multi-touch interface, there will be more PC users switch.  Now, people have perfect excuse not even give it a try - it's limited, it can't do much....

By "protecting" the notebook category, Apple is not only protecting it's MacBook business, but also protecting the other 90% of notebooks running Windows.  

I think Steve Jobs reached such a point that a line of business is more emotional than practical.  He started Apple selling computers, and he's having trouble letting the notebook business go.  Or Apple share holders want to see "increased income" rather than "replaced" income.  

They don't understand, if you have 90% market share to gain, you don't need to how to limit yourself to save others.  This time, Steve did not understand either.

iPad, could have change the PC industry if it really delivers a MacBook in the shell of 4 iPhones.  

It did not, and it disappointed the world.  I don't know if Steve have a chance to re-try.