Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Error during EHP1 install for SAP NetWeaver JAVA

You may see the following error during READ_PROFILE phase

 Error while reading properties from /usr/sap/C11/SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL. Variables [/J2EE/DBSystem/DBTypeFo
rSAP, /J2EE/DBSystem/DBName] not found. A possible reason can be that the start release is lower than 6.40 SPS09.

But you are sure you are running NetWeaver 7.0, after all you are installing Enhancement Pack. 

You tried to add variable "/J2EE/DBSystem/DBTypeForSAP, /J2EE/DBSystem/DBName" to the DEFAULT.PFL manually, but you still get the error. 

You tried to look up these 2 variables in SDN, help, or notes, but found nothing.  Don't blame yourself, there is nothing about these variables.  
You should add: 
j2ee/dbtype = ORA
j2ee/dbname = C11

sure if you use MS SQL, you should add "j2ee/dbtype = mss".
Yeah, as confusing as it is, j2ee/dbtype and j2ee/dbname are the real variables it's looking for.  The 2 shown in the error log, are just "superficial" names. 

Good luck EHP-ing.