Friday, December 29, 2006

2007 (I'll start working for SAP)

I am feeling guilty for my blog :-p
I saw the last post was Jan 1st, 2006, about 1 year ago. Sorry for doing a poor job in updating my blog, although I know not many people are viewing it (Hey, at least this means you are SPECIAL!).

I will start work for SAP Canada Inc. in the new year. (BTW, being too busy is one of the reason for not updating my blog :-). So hopefully I will be able to update this blog more often.

2006 has been a good year for most part of the world. Evidence? It has been a miserable year for George W Bush :-D. I am hoping 2007 will be a better year for everyone - which is impossible - some people simply wish (some) others suffer - Saddam Hussein has just been executed. I agree he should be sentenced to death, but actually killing him is another thing.

Well, sentences him to death is like reaffirm an equation that anyone's life is as valuable as another's - given him/her to be the dictator or ordinary person like you and me. But execute him is killing - a murder or an innocent - it is killing. People will ask, if you don't execute him, why sentences him to death? I say, sentences him to death simply means he did not understand other people's life is as important as his - so now it is his turn to fit in the other shoes. I would like to see Iraqi government stop all his rights - all the rights he took away from his victims. But do not kill - isn't killing make the authority as bad as the executed?. Well, not everyone think killing is a big thing - whatever super nature power they believe in, please forgive them.

The other incident is Gerald Ford just died a couple of days ago. He was criticized for grant Nixon a pardon for Watergate. It was a controversy move too, but at the end, I think that (pardoning Nixon) is a less hazard then executing Saddam - in both incidents, the authority had power to do whatever they did and sparked controversy. But at least Ford did not need to end a life.

Anyways, for the vast majority of us, especially those who spend time reading this, you must be having a good time, and happy new year 2007!

Wish you all the best in the new year.

Alan Tan

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